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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

x c i d e n t

last thurday was a bad day for me....i ran over students's car. Da location is UNITEN. wat a bad day. jus a few more meters nk smpi ofis. its all about bumper. i dont know was exactly appen. i jus heard bang sound. im in shock. alyaa u hit sumting. so here a pic of my car, sebelum dihantar ke klinik kereta....

its look like noting happen but it cost me around 1K...termasuk lah kereta budak 2 yg terpaksa direpair skali...bumper kene tukar da whole set & plus dgn ada calar2 skit b4 dis turut dibetulkan....bumper nie pecah. tp nmpk mcm xde pe je.k la



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  2. Sorry to read the bad news, but aliya, i like the way you started to write in your blog. I can said that I'm proud. I still remember during our diploma time that i wanted you guys to speak, write and even do showcase in English but i was getting a bad feedback. Cool aliya. Maybe by your wedding time i will only converse with you in English then. even in YM. Muahahahahah



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