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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Celebrate a new phone

Both of us tukar phone...its a gift for us dari cik dzul. for myself nokia touch screen should b ok but then dzul sruh amik I phone. Org dh bg kita amik jer...so for me I PHONE & for him communicator E 90. At 1st ms mula2 nk beli phone, kitaorg in bad condition. xsependapat but then bile dh start pilih everything goes well. 1st grab my phone n maxis centre need 30mnt tuk tukar my plan from prepaid to postpaid. so dlm 30mnt kitaorg naik atas tuk phone dzul plak. so everything settle n go for lunch.Tony Roma's here i come..im starving....

bz wit his new phone

its me!!!pic from my phone

More coming up...jus wait n wait

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