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Friday, October 1, 2010

n e w p l a c e

step into my current ofis was 3 years back...it was 3rd of december 2007. at that time im so exiced n so glad dapat keje less than 6 month after graduted...3 years such a long journey...a lot ting happen, come n go but for me i had a good time here...today mayb my last day kt unit sukan & kebudayaan. after dis move to pusat hal ehwal pelajar as a secretary. xjauh pun pindah nyer...still under 1 department but different building. so start next week aku dh bertukar ke tempat baru...

gmbr lama - a few month lepas masuk keje.
So hav to start a new life kt tempat baru walaupun dh lama kenal dgn org2 kt sana tp time keje kene serius. good luck alyaa...

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