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Thursday, October 21, 2010

t o l o n g s a y a ! !

Macam mane nak stopkan perangai yang asyik nak mengunyah nie???perangai ker? ker tabiat?? bile busan asyik nak mengunyah makanan...tolong. any better idea..


  1. minum air banyak2 before nak mengunyah.. hehehe.. mesti cepat kenyang.. but akan selalu visit the toilet, but it's good what.. buang all the toxic and stuff, boleh cut on eating, and resulted to flawless skin at the same time.. wahhhh! (if only i myeslf, follow all these, and i myself, stop mengunyah! hahahaha)

  2. minum air 2 boleh to as u said,,,nk g toilet 2 la yg lemah skit...tq for info



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